North Face Women's Jacket

The North Face Women’s RDT 300 Jacket Review and Expert Analysis

The North Face Women’s RDT 300 Jacket

Winters, you always want to chance it with warm winter efficient making a good time out with a multi day tour or a casual outdoor. With a cold outside, its time to sew up a fleece jacket you may think of that will keep you warm and cozy all day long.

Fleece is the most efficient and easy going winter clothing option for every time. They can be carried easily and you can tuck up your favorite color just to make your statement to get with the trendy options, you get multiple blocked shades too, with attractive logos and brand names on, you can flaunt your sporty fashion with the cozy fleece during winters.

The North Face gets you a good recreational sports and casual wear fleece that can make up a really good utility for every winter time of yours. The North Face Women’s RDT 300 is a truly beautiful creation to make you get your perfect winter outing cozy and comfortable.

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 The RDT 300 Fleece Jacket is an amazing rapid drying fleece that has a zip snap in compatibility that can be worn with different garments as per requirement. Read on to know more about the fabric, and knitting technical specs that holds up its amazing utility and durability aspects.

The RDT 300 Fleece – Product Description

 The High Rise Jacket has an amazing of spec of Quick Drying – the flash drying technology keeps it safe and smart to get with any recreational outing. The Fleece Jacket can be used for damp weather like bone chilling winters which are really a tedious time if you are making a tripping excursion out.

You can tuck up some thermals to make you more protective, however the fleece is going to be there all the time keeping you insulated with its core fabric membrane. Also it has a good high rise spec that keeps it above neckline and can be molded to a collar like utility if needed. It can be zip snapped in for extra comfort with additional clothing garments.

  • The RDT Fleece can keep you warm enough with its heavy weight orientation hat keeps you all good going for any outdoor sporting. It is heavy weighed, but probably it wont make you feel more of a burden as it is a fully covered fleece when you wear it Is going to make you all cozy and keeps you warm with a moderate temperature of outdoors.
  • The Flash Dry Technology embedded Fleece is a perfect get over for making you worriless as it is designed to dry fast. The Fleece works with your body to improve dry-time and is more of a breathable membrane inside that wont make you suffocated inside.
  • This works really great as a layered fleece alpine style clothing that can be worn alone or with a combination of active adventure thermals to keep well productive during colder conditions.

The RDT 300 Women’s Fleece: Fabric Technology Specs

 A true to size fit RDT 300 Women’s Fleece keeps you warm and productive all day long withstanding the cold winters, as it has a TKA 300 weight Fleece with a Flash Dry Specs to make it extra efficient.

TKA Thermal Fabric

Thermal Kinetic Advancement TKA Fleece is a proprietary fabric creation for incredible insulation keeping and wear resistant to different weather norms, designed by The North Face it has its own standard types of weight of TKA Fleece wear oriented fabric technology to keep up with the Jacket features.

TKA 300 – A mid to heavy weighed fabric material that is oriented with a high performance giving in pill resistant fleece. It is resistant to winter colds with winter insulated property. It plays well as a warm and casual outer layer giving a great alternative as a sweat shirt with high breathable technology.

Benefits of TKA 300

  • Warm interior
  • Insulated
  • Heavy weighed
  • Wear Resistant

The RDT 300 Women’s Jacket: Features and Technical Specs

 Your Fleece Jacket utility can be more of productive option if it hands on to a good technical specs like collar length, neck lines, zippers, fasteners, velcro, hems, cuffs, and many more. Know about the RDT 300 fleece specs to get your final order placed.

  • 300 Weight TKA Fleece
  • Heavy Weighed
  • Flash Dry Technology
  • Hem Cinch Cords
  • Manageable media enabled Jacket
  • Two Hand Pockets
  • Middle Fastener Zippers
  • Zip in Compatible with other garments
  • True To Size Fit
  • Imported Source
  • Breathable and Packable
  • Has a Wind Proofing enabled property
  • Can be used for casual, and recreational adventures
  • High Quality zippers and pockets
  • Soft and Flattering body fit material
  • Available in several colors
  • Amazing Texture and soft feel

The RDT 300 Fleece Jacket: Pros and Cons

Fleece are best going with all winter weather and hence its easy going as a quick and efficient wearing option. For the RDT 300 Fleece, it has classic winter saving property with the TKA 300 fabric technology that keeps you warm throughout. Moreover the fleece has got the Flash dry standard for a quick drying ability with a combination of warmth inside and the body temperature matching.

High Performance oriented Jacket with long neck collars; it has side pockets and is worthy enough with good quality zippers as fasteners. The Jacket has not get any interior packets and also lands as a heavy weighted wear. But since it acts as covered fleece with a breathable membrane, the Jacket wont make you uncomfortable.

The RDT 300 Fleece is available in alpine style ranged colors for some selected colors, and also the standard TNF white, and Black are really a demanded one because of its soft and beautifully textured exterior. The Jacket can be good companion for a casual outdoor or any recreational adventure, hiking, or a multi day tripping, for the any time ready look.

Good Fleece with a Best Buy

The North Face Women’s Fleece RDT 300 with a TKA 300 capable membrane fabric technology is a best buy with its good quality keeping feature of warmth and easy to carry and wear mode. However you might get just two pockets exterior with zippers secure, and a center quality zipping functionality. It migh feel heavy weighed but has a best performance. You can even get some interior garments as the fleece is compatible with additional clothing options like a thermal extra wear for a more cozy winter getting protective. Overall a worth The RDT 300 is a good productive and utility oriented warmth proof jacket with quick drying features.

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