North Face Women's Jacket

The North Face Women’s Calentito 2 Jacket

The North Face Women’s Calentito 2 Jacket

On a weather trail outing, you have to make it through every wind and water. A light jacket could stand perfectly fine which can break the winds and water, something that can be repellent to water and be a really comfortable outer piece to set it out completely cased.

The North Face women’s Calentito 2 Jacket has been really the in demand multi utility Jacket that has perfect resourceful sections you will want to get it for a reason. Calentito 2 Jacket has a universal fabric technology knitting that keeps it highly water and wind repellant to get you through every trail.

Comfort specialized Calentito 2 Jacket from TNF gives you a softer finish just like a fleece inside

that you would love to wear all day long. And while you are out, don’t miss out on it s high

resistant features. It is multi utility based and keeps you tough against all weather condition so that

your tripping time can be just as you thought it would be.

Product Description – The North Face Women’s Calentito 2 Jacket

Un-precedental weather conditions, you would not know what you may end up getting on a winter

mountain trail. At these times, finding an absolutely comfortable multi bearable Jacket is more of

your choice.

 The Calentito 2 Jacket with more added features can make you go gaga over how efficient

it is. Be prepared for the any weather condition with the amazingly soft touched interior

and a tough wind breaker outside Calentito 2 Jacket.

 Durable and water Repellant Fabrication of this Jacket gives a tight finishing to get with

no water letting inlet pores and leaving a complete defense full interior.

 Wind protecting surface exterior gives you a limited penetration leaving a wind chill

factor bonus over your Calentito 2 Jacket.

 And yes, not to forget the stretch ability feature, the Jacket keeps you moving. Some

Jackets mere ly go with tight knitting that restricts moments when you are just packet

within the Jacket. However, The Calentito 2 Jacket has a high functional outer material that

ranges to a good mobility, so you are easy going and protective all time.

Product Specifications – The Calentito 2

The Calentito 2 has been amazing with its high performance, durability and quality features, and

here are some more to go with so that your jacket can be just more of just a wind and water

comfort but be an amazing keeper.

 DWR enabled Jacket gives you a high coated fabric technology that makes it hydrophobic

or water resistant.

 The Jacket wont leave you suffocated though as it has a breathable fabric type, although it

has high resistant component.

 Two Exterior Pockets with cool zippers to make it easily accessible and secure.

 Storm Flaps on either sides, with a water resistant finishing

 Adjustable Draw-cord Hem that makes it highly media enabled.

 The Calentito 2 Jacket has a hip length finishing

 Regular fit and stitched with a contouring finishing for stylish exterior outlook.

 Interior Insulation is more warm and softer just like any other warm enabled Fleece


 True To Size finishing with high performance durability relaxed fitting style.

 Ideal for make you keep moving on to Climbing, Hiking, Backpacking, and Casual


 Light Weight and highly compressible jacket that is easy packable and accessible.

 Highly Universal Fabric with wind Permeability rated of 5-10 CFM. Also comes with a

fleece backer.

 DWR Finishing

 Reverse coil Center Front Zip Fasteners that makes this Jacket easy going with ready to

go features

 Snap Neck Collar Closure makes it look bold

 Media Compatible Jacket with Cord handling features.

Fabric Specifications: The North Face Calentito 2

The Beautiful light weight Jacket is highly compressible with a breathable fabric design. It

consists of TNF knitted membrane and has a DWR finishing.

 Fabric Weight: 13.76 oz 50D 225 gram per meter square

 Fabric Consistency: 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane

 TNF Apex Universal Fabric: Wind Permeability rating 5 – 10 CFM 100% Wind Proof

 Wind Wall Fabric: Wind Resistant Fleece with a unique Fabric Bonding process that

allows a limited degree of inlet air permeability. Effective for wind chill weather


 Mesh Interior Liner with a soft touch layer and grid fleece knitted liner for great


Product Pros and Cons: The North Face Women’s Calentito 2 Jacket

Invest into this multi utility Jacket, with its amazing resistant qualities and resourceful storage

jacket orientation with media enable hem cinch cords. It gives a high productivity because of its

wind and water proof body surface, Moreover, its backer contains of soft fleece style knitting in

grid that gives it a warm finishing. You can use this efficiently and anywhere to go with.

Light weight with a compressible finish, this jacket can go right there into your backpack without

extra space occupancy. You get colors to choose from, and a really complete outlook that can go

on recreational adventures and an official outing too.

The Jacket has long sleeves and arm pit styling if free enough that might not be much suitable for

sizes, but over all the Jacket doesn’t intend to make less use. Its always affective for high winter

timings when you are on a trail. No Hoodie, but you can get a compatible free sized jacket or a

high rise neck jacket inside to complete the look. There are buttoning options to make compatible

options with wind resistant when worn for a completely protective time.

Best Buying Guide

It is an extremely suited Jacket for an any – day winter wear, if you are willing to get a multi day

outing oriented Jacket, this would play really good and sufficient. It has relaxed regular fit that can

be utilized for multiple compatibility wear. Two deep pockets zipped for secure storage, hem cinch

cord opens inside to manage your cords and a high durability style oriented Jacket. Long Sleeves

and a free fit oriented Jacket.

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