North Face Women's Jacket

The North Face Women’s Agave Jacket Review

The Winter Collection of Fleece is more of an excitement to get with. With Trendy colors and patterns to suit every clothing of yours, the Fleece are a great alternative to all the heavy winter wears that are more sort of a burden and uncomfortable to carry.

The North Face Women’s Agave Jacket is a masterpiece in that way. You get a sleek simple design with trendy options of colour and are more of a soft fleece with an active fit.

The Women’s TNF Agave Jacket: Product Description

  • Hard Fleece Jacket with a soft finishing the Agave is ideally your companion for all your trips and casual outings. It is smooth and durable that looks good anywhere.
  • With attractive colors and a fine finished logo raised jacket, the Fleece acts as an ideal winter outfit with the DWR technique of weaving that keeps the Jackets orientation more healthy and tight enough to eliminate all the waters just out side.
  • Moreover, you would be comfortable because of its breathable technology interiors that is soft ad warm and would not even let you suffocate in. With grateful features added in, you can gift this to anyone and they wont ever feel like missing this out somewhere as it is the best winter utility.
  • Also, the Jacket has an active fit so as to make it all smoothly accommodate to your body line. You can match this up with any kind of an outer finish jacket like a resolve jacket or any relax fit jacket that feels more complimentary with the inner wears like the Agave.
  • The Collars are brushed and have a hooded finish raised over to the neckline for extra compatibility withstanding the winter winds. And yes not to forget the beautiful style it reflects.

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Product Features: Fabric

  • The Jackets overall weight is 520 grams which accounts as 18.34 oz. Also Fabric: 380 gram per metre square with 95% polyester and 5 % spandex luxe heathered smooth face with a jersey finish.
  • Agave jacket is beneficiary for those who wants to feel warm in wintery or cold conditions of weather. Agave jacket fits perfectly to the body with a luxe heathered hardface fleece.
  • North Face agave women’s jacket is synthetically woven. The source of the jacket is imported.
  • The Agave Jacket is durable water repellent which protects us from rain. It provides a shield to the people by wearing this with two hand pockets you feel more secured. this agave jacket has a zipper closure at the centre front of the jacket.

Product Features: Technical Specs

  • With a Water repellent body texture of the fleece it feels really smoothly over the body line, giving an active fit look. With a brushed back portion, the overall comfort ability of the jacket turns out to be very suitable.
  • Secure Zipped hand Pockets deep enough to adjust your hands within, also you can drop your keys in it, with no worries of misplacing it.
  • Raised Logo for a styled finish. Also available in many colours.
  • Interior finishing is soft and warmer enough.

The Agave Jacket: Pros and Cons

  1. DWR – Durable and Highly water resistant / repellent. This jacket is purely a utility oriented jacket as it gives this feature that suits for you entire outing keeping you dry in the interior. Also giving a durable finish which would not make it trodden with time just like any other jacket.
  2. A Good News for the iPhone Keepers as it fits in the Agave Jacket Pockets very easily keeping them safe too with the secured zippy.
  3. Synthetic styled outer surface of the agave keeps it clean and shiny finish.
  4. Well Brushed interiors and back portions so that you’re not restricted by any kind of inconvenience.

Feedback meter or review: Agave Jacket is warm and cozy

People find it attractive when wear with jeans. It is available in all sizes to people. Also, the TNF Agave Jacket Fleece is available in many colours to suit your clothing opinion and statement.

Also it is water repellent. People also buy this agave jacket in rainy season apart from winter season. it is a kind of skin tight jacket which actively fits on our body. Logo of the agave jacket is lifted up are raised up. Source of the agave jacket is imported and it has the warranty and guarantee of lifetime. It is easily compressible after a wash and can be packed very easily. The agave jacket has very less cons because it is made with the concept of fewer cons than pros.

People like this jacket and material the most as the material of the jacket is made up of synthetic. Most loved white or black colour of the TNF Agave Fleece. Ideal Fleece with jeans on! The Jacket is most loved with a pair of jeans. Hand pockets of agave jacket are deep enough to place a thing which is similar in size to iPhone 6 Super. Soft interior of Agave jacket makes people feel warm in winter season.


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