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 The North Face Mezzaluna Hoodie – Mid Layer Review

Buying a Mid Layer Fleece Jacket – Here’s the perfect Mezzaluna Hoodie for all your winters!!

 The North Face Mezzaluna Hoodie is an amazing performance oriented Mid Layer Fleece. With primary purpose of insulation and superb warmth, Mid Layer Jackets are the most essential as a winter clothing option to keep you protected throughout!

And for those who wish to make multiple compatibility with winter-wear by wearing two or three comfortable wears for an extreme winter time the Mezzaluna is absolutely the one for you.

 The North Face Mezzaluna Hoodie – Mid Layer

 You can make it alone or under a perfect multi useful winter Jacket as the clothing is compressed enough to go slim fit over your body.

Mid Layers are the wearable preferably used for insulation on top of a base layer. Usually, suits best for extreme conditions, beneath an outer shell layer. You can try it on any number of thermal wears for a more protective winter time.

The Mezzaluna Jacket from North Face traps as much as heat it possible to keep the inner layer insulated with the body temperature. The Base layer can sort out any sweat with more breathability as it tends to be open with pores.

The Mezzaluna acts as a cozy university Hoodie with insulating mid layers as a good outdoor compatible wearing option.

Product Description: The North Face Mezzaluna Jacket

 Learn about the Mezzaluna Jackets finishing. It is more in style and best suited as an insulating mid layer. This Polyester constructed Jacket is Recycled and that’s not all you get a long sleeve too to cover your arms and sometimes hands too to keep them insulated.


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  • The North Face Mezzaluna can be a perfect companion as a mid layer garment with a light weight finishing. Its more of a Fleece too that keeps you fast and ready for any outdoor time.
  • The Mezzaluna has a TKA Fabric Finish for an extra thermal compatibility so that you can step out on any mild or extreme winters with this amazing long sleeve fleece Jacket with a stylish Hoodie.
  • The Mezzaluna is enabled with a TKA (Thermal Kinetic Advancement) Fabric technology which uses a 100 % recycled material of construction, thus proves to be eco friendly too. You can flaunt your style with the recycle finished soft touch performance of this jacket,
  • The Classic Mezzaluna Jacket is made up of Polyester fabric with a knitting style that is slight tuck over the shoulders giving a different look. Hence it forms a good fashion element with difference.
  • Overall this Hoodie Styled Jacket is compatible with all clothing options giving you a compressed look and feel and can be drawn on inside other winter garments to keep you safe.
  • It is Stretchable to make you go with every tripping without tight jacket restriction. You know how irritating it is when your Jacket holds on to the shoulder making you immovable.
  • The Mezzaluna takes care of the movements too as its fabric is highly stretchable according to the true to size fit you select. Carry them anywhere and anytime, its all just comfortable and good going.

The TNF Mezzaluna: Fabric Specs

 No Bulkiness, and absolutely light weight, The Mezzaluna is an incredible winter piece with Hoodie so that you can keep moving and never stop. Here are the Fabric Specifications of the Mezzaluna Jacket.

  • TKA Thermal Kinetic Advancement: Superior Insulation with water resistant knitting technology, The TKA is a Thermal Fabric created by the North Face that offers you comfortable and durable wearing with an extra stretch ability to enhance wearing comfort. The Mezzaluna TKA enabled Jacket keeps you going with extreme stretch features and superior warmth all the way long.
  • Relaxed Fit Fabric 150 gram per meter square which accounts of 100 % recycled Polyester Classic Fleece. Make a mild machine wash to keep it soft and steady with time.
  • 100 % Recycled Material Helps reduce Landfill Waste with the use of virgin materials keeping it eco friendly by no harm to nature.
  • TKA Stretch This product contains material with stretch that allows for greater range and mutability.

The North Face Mezzaluna: Functional Aspects

The Beautifully knitted Mid Layer – Mezzaluna is an amazing insulating layer with stylish aspects too. Know about what advancement you get with this incredible North Face fleece.

  • Relaxed Fit Comfort to make it more breathable and comfort oriented apart from being an insulating mid layer Fleece
  • Light Weight Features being highly compatible with TKA advancements, the Mezzaluna is light in weight and easily packable. You can carry this anywhere, where anytime you want as a ready outdoor garment.
  • Attached Hoodie for worse weather situations – you even get a draw cord adjustment feature to make your travel recreational and comfy.
  • Ultimate Drying Ability – This jacket enables water resistant features, but even if it gets wet at times, don’t worry the drying feature of this fleece is extremely notable.
  • Tucked at the shoulders for a trendier look and feel – a different type of fleece jacket
  • Open Hand Pockets to make it accessible easily – find your hands comfortable inside so that you can escape the cold winters.
  • Pill Resistant face and back – being compatible with any kind of winter jacket worn outside.
  • Average Weight accounts as 280g that is 9.88 oz with classic polyester finish.

The Mezzaluna – Product Pros and Cons

If you’re wishing for fleece that can keep you warm and water resistant to some extent and that is also stylish, you can make a perfect choice with the Mezzaluna Jacket. Its warmth and soft feel can merely make you pick this every time you are on an outing.

Excellent performance features with two open hand pockets; it is a perfect ever ready fleece to take on for casual winter weather.

You might find the fleece shoulder tuck to be differently knitted. And thus its a perfect fleece style with a trendier look and feel, not just like any other plain jacket.

Moreover the Fleece gives you a sleek and stylish quality look with a Hoodie, hence its just a perfect kind of any winter condition fleece. You can even choose to make it as a mid layer jacket to keep warm throughout the time.

Best Buying Guide

It’s a flattering fit, with pleats on shoulder with super soft material of construction. Choose to make a best buy with the durable fleece. You even get longer sleeves for extra protection, with several colors to choose from.

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