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The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket Review and Buying Guide

Owning a comfortable Fleece is effective for all your hiking and city trails. And also it is an essential part of all your exploring as you have to be active throughout the adventure travel. TNF Apex Bionic is a specially designed winter cold Fleece with a soft shell wind resistant feature.

It has been enabled with TNF climate Block Fabric Feature to make it a fantastic wind blocker with 0 CFM. You can be more certain of the trail when the climates are turning un-synced by temperature. The Jacket is more advised for windiest travel times as it can merely get you the best in performance and comfort.

About TNF Apex

The North Face signature material technology TNF Apex Climate Block is a significant weaving technology that eliminates water and wind. It has a dynamic exterior surface that can withstand all pressure and softer interior for better comfort.

Highly stretchable and mobility enabled – that means it is really good going for any adventure or casual outing as it is stretchable and mobile to keep your movement active It wont restrict your movement just like some other ordinary fabric.


The most protective TNF™ Apex fabric, TNF™ Apex ClimateBlock is virtually waterproof and windproof while also maintaining a comfortable level of breathability. The fabric is ideal for trekking, skiing and snowshoeing in challenging, inclement weather conditions.


  • Water-resistant and Windproof
  • Comfortable and Breathable Protection in Inclement Weather Conditions
  • Ideal for Skiing, Snowshoeing and Trekking


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 TNF Apex Bionic Fleece Jacket – Technical Spec

Here are the Technical aspects of the TNF Apex Bionic Jacket

Perfect Wind Proof Fleece:

  • Perfect wind shield specialized soft shell ideal for unsavoury weather condition. It has a special tightly woven fabric that follows TNF Apex Climate Block Features with specific standards.
  • Hence it is ideal for windy places and you can take this with you anytime for its soft brushed feel. The TNF Apex Bionic has been rated with 0 CFM and absolutely wind resistant with great warmth inside.
  • It is Highly Breathable too without any concerns of great warmth keeping and insulation. Hence you want be suffocated even during dense climate archives.

 Functional Aspects:

  • The Apex Bionic Jacket is more of productivity and functionality and hence it has been rated high with utility factor concerns.
  • If you are wishing for an ideal jacket for all you tours and trips don’t miss out to check on this amazing jacket features.
  • Two Hand Pockets with zipper secured can make you worry less for keeping your minor things like keys and gloves in. You don’t have to search for any secure place, or misplace it for some reason.
  • Adjustable Draw Cord Hem / Hem Cinch Cords to block out drafts
  • An attractive side chest Pocket better called Napoleon Chest Pocket with zip in features. Keeps your other utility stuffs safe.
  • Media Compatible Jacket functions that are best in managing your cords and you can get with your playlist more often even during drizzly weather.
  • It also has fleece backer with stretchable cuff panel.

Jacket orientation: Sizes, Weight and Fabric accounts, Care Instructions

 Active Fit silhouette design with a better moving ability. The Jacket wont be tight or uncomfortable as it is designed with an active fit function which allows moving effortlessly.

  • Slim Fit characteristics – It fits your body line characteristics, with extra comfort features so that its not tight or wont make you harder in moving.
  • Weighs around 580 grams that is 20.46oz. Fabric 351 gram per metre square. This jacket consists of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. Fabrication is 100% windproof and also block climate
  • TNF warranty enabled imported source
  • Care instructions: machine wash preferable

TNF Apex Bionic Jacket – Pros and Cons

  1. The Apex Bionic Jacket is a Perfect Wind Resistant Fleece ideal for Chilly and Warm Winter Weather. Can withstand rough climates as it also enables DWR water resistant capability!
  2. It doesn’t have any Hood. Hence you might have to get an additional cap or hooded amenity that keeps you safe.
  3. The Collar doesn’t fold down, and always stays high raised up, It looks attractive but sometimes you might want it to settle down as a collar.
  4. Snug Wrist is really affective with letting minimal air inside through sleeves.
  5. Side Pockets with ample room for your hands sealed in.
  6. Fits comfortably and has active fit feature to make you move effortlessly. Thus it is a best alternative ordinary fleece with several features.
  7. The Jacket may have to be protected well with your daily chunks, if you get a stain on it easily catches a mark, which at times is not removable.
  8. Choose a correct fit for your body as it might get well with the regular sizes but if your willing for additional thermal wears inside, you would probably get stuck in somewhere with both the clothes.
  9. Highly stretchable and can be your ultimate warm up jacket for your playtimes, casual sporting, or any avid adventure.

 Best Buying Guide

This Jacket is loved by many, and still it is making a best reviewed product because of its amazing features. Most of the Jacket comes with a stretchable performance but might get loosen up because of usage or any such thing. If you are willing to buy a durable and fine finished jacket fleece which is tough with climate and highly reliable as a warmer, go with the TNF apex bionic Jacket. It has amazing features and qualities that are utility concerned and highly retaining functions with a True To Size Active Fit.

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