North Face Women's Jacket

The North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket Review

The North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket

North Face, the American Outdoor Company has come up with amazing trends for outdoor oriented label with luxury and durability. For unfavorable Weather Conditions, or simply making proofed with quality material as a windbreaker, the ultimate North Face product is the Resolve Jacket, being efficient with usage and can fit as a most essential utility for your backpack whenever you’re out. The Resolve Jacket from North Face is far more utility concerned ultra light quilted jackets best suited as outer layer water proofed rain jacket.

The Extreme weather condition bearer resolve jackets are ideal for keeping you dry during all kinds of moist weather and whatsoever level of rain gets with during your travel. It’s highly water proofed and resistant and not just like any usual water proof jacket that you’d never choose to even during rains because of its ill tendencies.

What makes it resistant?

The North Face Resolve Jackets for women have been specialized in trend led weather resistant credential that suits every lifestyle. The outer finishing of this resolve jacket is a 100% Nylon Fabric beholding a membrane material of Hyvent that makes it proofed for bearing every weather condition. Tested for an atmospheric material tendency of over 10,000 g/qm/24h this stylish weather jacket can cope up with all your utilities and performance wise more adhered to style and ease.

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Resolve Jacket: The Look

The Resolve Jacket is an authentic North Face Collection that goes with

  • Hooded model giving a slandering look which is absolutely flattering for women
  • With a Nylon net lining, the tailored jacket is more of a windbreaker
  • Its comfortably thin and light weight that can be wrapped up directly to fit in your backpack
  • Sealed seamed type stitching that makes it more comfortably worn and is tough enough to make all your wearing experiences worth it
  • This Jacket fits with a contouring cut that can rest your body line with an adjustable cuff
  • It gives a storable option for your hood and collar
  • With 2 insert pocket zip for the outer end and a Velcro closure option, this jacket merely stands as a demand for its sleek outlook.
  • Comes in different sizes according to the body line from X-Small to 3X-Large. For winters, make a choice with a free sized one up to perfectly lay right over your contours.

Features Feminity: Colors to go with…

The Women’s light weight and true to size Resolve Jacket gets a best feature of  multiple color options to go with, and because it fits comfortably with the feminine contoured cut sides, the jacket can perform beautifully for what it looks and what it is made for.

Drastic color options like the modest balsam green, spiced coral, cosmic blue, and more of a woman pick with the fuschia pink, melon red, surf green, neon peach or simply clever with the bolds like Patriot Blue, TNF Black. You can draw more trendy options to your weather proofed resolve jacket.

Sync it with these options!!

The North Face Jacket is an extreme compliment which perfectly suits by style, and can make you all ready with the adventure hikes. You can get the Jacket tied up with other North Face clothing options like jackets and sweaters. Buying guide: order a size up from your actually size fit so that you’ll have plenty of room in there to experiment with cool options inside like graphic tees, or sweaters! The Jacket is more of an outer layout and thus it fits modest with new clothing attires, brighten your look with vibrant color options or simply make ways that can fit better.

Why it’s worth it? Pros

 As a good looking Rain Jacket, The Resolve Jacket gets an advantage with a waterproof material and contouring ends on both sides specialized for women. It keeps you completely dry at unfavorable weather conditions

  • Can fit easily on opting for custom sizes available from XS to 3X sizes.
  • Find numerous color options for your resolve jacket.
  • It has a front Velcro-closure option with an elastic arm ends.
  • It is lightweight and compact, can easily get a minimal space for your back pack.
  • Also it has zipped pockets outsides, mesh interior, cinch cords at the hood and bottom, storable feature for hood and collar.

 Recheck here for the Cons!!


  • It is an awesome keeper for wet weather conditions, but one condition to this jacket is that it acts thin hence you won’t be warm under this though dry. Pullover some sweater or additional wearable to make yourself warm under.
  • It has a thin and lightweight dimension, and can be folded up to mini, but is more prone to getting wrinkles easily.
  • The external pockets have zip feature, they aren’t meshed and act less productive.
  • The Velcro-closure adds as a good feature but it can be unproductive due to its snagging productive with clothes that are prone to Velcro.
  • Sizing property can get well if you cross check with a 1+ size more than what you actually wear, in case you need more room to additional clothes inside.


Your Resolve Jacket can just be safe attire as it stands more productive with the feature that it is actually made for being more sophisticated with take away properties like lightweight and thin it adds as a best custom property. The Resolve Jacket is ideal for unfavorable weather conditions as it stands more appropriate with its material of construction that repels water and wind. It is an extreme keeper, keeping dry interior clothing even during wasteful weather conditions.

The product keeps you safe under extreme conditions and forms to be of the best quality and trust mark from North Face. Choose North Face Women’s Resolve Jackets that are merely standard waterproof shells for women outfitted with performance driven design and comfort specialized. These are best for urban life and long haul excursions, as they behold all tendencies to make your time more worthy.


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