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The North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket Review

The North Face ventures onto sporting equipments sponsoring hiking and expedition amenities. The industry leading brand mantra ‘Never Stop Exploring’ marks on to manufacturers innovative offerings on fabric technologies to make bold and ever ready wearable clothing and apparels.

The North Face Osito 2 Fleece Jacket is a redesigned innovation from the company making a best selling fleece with more convenient up-gradations that features an improved performance. The incredibly soft and cozy fleece jacket proves to be pushing onto the boundaries of innovation from The North Face Jacket Collection.

Fleece Jacket: Product Description

 A fleece Jacket is usually made of a polyester fabric type to get that softer and wool finish such as a polar Fleece. With a convenient middle zipper type as a fastener, it is basically a thermal proof depending upon product and can be only wind resistant. You can brag on to a resolve jacket with a more inside room over it for a comfortable expedition.

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The North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket

 A comfortably soft shell of polyester lining, The North Face Osito 2 Jacket is an in demand women apparel. This Fleece Jacket is silkier than anything you get and sets on comfortably with a tailored waist and more cozy features.

Find These in Your New Osito2 Jackets


  • The Fabric accounts of a soft wool finished polyester fabric with 100% silken fleece
  • Weights on an average of 540g and has a style model of CZ24
  • The North Face Soft fleece Jacket has a flattering fit ideal for women
  • It has an oversized collar which makes it cozy and comfortable.
  • It comes with a stretch cuff with a ribbon at the left sleeve making it feature in style.
  • TNF Black/White, Garnet Purple, Black/Curry Gold, Rave Green, Rose Red, Magic Magenta, High Rise Grey – you get variety of colors to choose from, and not just that opt for sleeves style with ribbon.
  • It has two zipper hand pockets with a secure zip in style
  • The Fleece Jacket is much durable and not just that you get an additional warranty of Lifetime from the clothing innovation company The North Face.
  • You get an overlay abrasive protection from unfavorable winter weather.

Osito 2 Jacket: Perks


  • The North Face Osito2 Jackets have a soft and warm fleece that makes it as an authentic winter wear.
  • You get a true to size fit accordingly with a size ranged from XS to 3X large.
  • The Collar can be folded down or simply can be set open and flat as per usage. Also the Jacket lining is fluffy enough and tends to be washable as normal wash, no shrinking and you’ll sustain it with looking brand new every time.
  • No shedding or shrinking.
  • It has two outside pocket enormous enough with a secure zip and good storable option on either side. Also you get drawstrings on the front pockets.
  • The Jacket is super soft and keeps you warm just like any heavy sweater, can be worn for both indoors and outdoors depending upon the warmth level you need.


You might want to know the criticality of this Product!!


  • The Jacket has proved to be the incredibly soft one as it has a silken fleece of Polyester and Spandex mix fabric. The Fabric is more of delicate being more attractive and softer enough to handle, but don’t let it lose. You might have to go through the washing delicates for this amazing piece of apparel to keep it alright and last long.


  • It’s an extreme pullover for both indoors and outdoors, but do count on to the warmth level you need. The Jackets can make you bare extreme conditions if you add up some kind of triclimate jackets which is again an awesome clothing technology from North Face.


  • Choose a correct fit by rechecking it twice on your sizes and how you are willing to wear, under what conditions. You might end up choosing more tightly drawn jacket if you are wearing a sweat shirt inside. Choose a more free size than your existing ones.


  • Top up a standard color that you want to draw into your wearable, there might be some different expectations with colors that you choose and the one that you get.


You would love the overall Quality of this North Face Clothing Innovation: The Osito 2 Fleece Jackets. It is a quality worth product with extreme durability essentials from the North Face. Have an amazing warmth and silky experience with the Osito 2.


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