The North Face Women’s Glacier Jacket Review

Extremely compatible Mid Layer – The North Face Women’s Glacier Jacket

 It’s a high time winter and you always turn up to make a good layer combination with your winter wear collection. Most of us love fleece, but moreover it tends to be light and not suitable to fully make insulated with heavy winter times.

Having a winter wear that’s not ideally protective can do, because when you turn up for extra protection during outdoors, you really need a good layering with thermals. Mid Layers would definitely do at such times.

The North Face Women’s Glacier Jacket is a one in all mid layered stylish Jacket that can suit all your styling capabilities as it can get with your body line as a slim fit styles Jacket. The Style orientation is zipped with ¼th of the Jacket and a North Face Logo can get you a bold statement above all.

The North face Glacier Jackets extreme stretch ability is everything you will love it for, with a pill resistant face and back your Jacket will be extremely durable and will keep good looking as always like a new one.

Product Features – The North Face Women’s Glacier Jacket

 Fleece is the most essential utility prospect, but when the fleece are not working for the winter, you will definitely have to add on an extra. For a multi day hiking or any recreational adventure, you can merely opt for this amazing stretch able jacket so that inside you are protected and warm enough and outside you can flaunt with your usual regular fit fleece or oso’s.

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Here are the Specs to this amazingly wonderful jacket.

  • The Glacier Jacket is a pullover typed ¼ zip enabled jacket that can keep you active and warm enough during a chilly weather. The Glacier Fleece acts as a wonderful winter barrier with its soft fabric specialization.
  • This winter proof Jacket has a Polartec Classic 100 Micro Capability of Fabric that makes it feel softer and comfortable to skin and more of fixed barrier for outer winter winds to enter in.
  • The Jacket is breathable enough for it has a pored fabric specialization that makes it less suffocated inside as well as keeping warm according to the outer temperature balance with the quarter zipping amenity provided in the jacket.
  • Moreover the Jacket gives a Relaxed Fit style with TKA compressible features so that you can carry this jacket easily accommodated with your backpack.
  • Long Sleeves, Quick Drying and a moisture wicking features, the Jacket gives you an over all mid layer comfort.
  • Stitching details on the corner with TNF logo
  • 100 % recycled for the TNF Black Glacier Jacket. Other Color Jackets may contain consecutively 50 % or more according to the weight of the Jacket
  • Soft Machine Wash Care Enabled

Fabric Specs – The North Face Women’s Glacier Jacket

Superb drying functionality, all your excursions would go great with this amazing mid layered jacket. You don’t have to source up for any other thermal wears because this can be ideal throughout. Also made up with a recycled content, the Jacket proves to be extremely worthy to buy.


  • Clean Polyester Fabric Finishing with 75 D TKA 100 % Recycled Material – The Glacier Jackets stands environment friendly in aspect and has a high performance durability
  • Fabric Weighs around 150 gram per meter square that is 7.41 oz. Moisture Wicking and Quick Drying Keeps you safe and active all day long.
  • Also the Jacket is enabled with Polartec Classic Fabric Technology that gives it a regulating thermal property to keep you warm under a maintainable temperature throughout.
  • Polartec Classic – Fabric Technology – The Polartec Fabric Specs has a lofted fiber structure that creates thermal air pockets to prevent heat elimination and regulates inner temperature. The Glacier Jacket with this product technology keeps the layering safe and warm and no additional heat loss. The Jacket in this way can be worn alone or can be worn with compatible thermal wear options.
  • The North Face TKA enable Glacier with a high insulation and eater resistant technology the Jacket is highly compressed with TKA advancements, and so it is more of a packable utility and has a light weight structure. Can dry faster and works well as a layered proofing.


TNF Glacier – Pros and Cons


  1. Effective Mid Layer Fleece is all that we can call it as, the Jacket is performance oriented with a pull over styled fleece type of one fourth zipped feature.
  2. Breathable and Warm Fabric keeps you safe throughout the winters and extremely compatible with other thermal wears.
  3. Beautiful and light weight Jacket that tends to make you get going without any hassle, ideal for casuals and any adventure excursion.
  4. Keeps you ready going anytime, and has a regular fit that sets over the body line with its stretchable features.
  5. Has Long Sleeves too to be compatible enough with outings on a heavy winter time.
  6. Soft face and Back with pill resistant features to make you ever ready as always.
  7. Durable finishing with Polartec and TKA compatible technologies, gives a warm and water resistant features.

Best Buying Guide – TNF Glacier


Highly recommended Jacket fleece that has amazing warming features! The TNF Glacier is effective as it becomes good going as a mid layer jacket giving a soft and comfortable feel can be compatible with additional winter wears or jackets outside and inside. It is highly Breathable and thus makes you feel warmer without suffocating in high weather conditions. Also the half zippy gives a stylish look and also can be kept open as per your wish. Overall the Jacket is high in performance and tends to be working really durable as new always.

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