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The North Face Women’s Arctic Parka Jacket Review

Winter Falls are more winter parkas and coats, to keep you warm all day long with the shredding slopes all day and plenty of warmth to make your time enjoyable. Whether it is the time amidst the city winters at the local iced lake or you’re just under that snow roof, and the mountains finding some spot to hang on for the cozy winter hike.

Winter’s ice-cold moments are definitely the time to unlock your winter styles to flaunt with amazing outfits for that bulky and fuzzy look. And if I’m right you’re definitely on a search for a complete utility wearable that can fulfill all your cold issues and also acts as a statement style for making you look damn good.

You’re half of the shopping list is to find a cozy and great looking winter Jacket. With all your needful stuffs drawn within, The North Face Company has come up with a technical winter product – The North Face Arctic Parka Jacket that is all worth for its value and style.

The Polyester blended jacket with an insulated trench, The Arctic Parka Jacket is a one in a whole warm coat that fits well and is resistant to wind and cold temperatures and even sometimes light rain. Overall it gives a modest outlook on exactly the look and feel of the arctic jacket.

The North Face Women’s Arctic Parka Jacket– All you wanted to know

 Three words: Warm, Comfortable and Versatile!! That’s all what you are going to be on with the Arctic Parka Jacket. Over the glaciers during Iceland visit, or any other time you’re on a real cold weather, This Jacket is something that you’d pull out from your backpack to make yourself resist every strong wind, cold temperature, and can even make your stay breathable with the amazing fabric structure. It’s that great deal, with this amazing North Face Collection.

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It’s simply an amalgamation of what you experience when you’re on an excursion. Sometimes its windy, and sometimes its super windy, you’re jacket has to be a wind breaker, and simply at times you need to be warm enough over your head a it is a high time with the Cold winter climate at the poles, you’re needing it here absolutely for how easily you can escape the Nature’s play!!

The North Face brands its collection with the tagline saying ‘Never Stop Exploring’. And that’s what counts on when you check on to the products and their specs. Find yourself unstoppable when you’re simply at your best with the Arctic Parka Jacket for that amazing tripping time.

Arctic Parka: Do you Need One?

Parka (also interchangeably said as Anorak) are classic coats that have a hood lined with fur or faux fur, and are traditionally an outfit made for the frigid Arctic where tasks like hunting and kayaking are used for resistance against the terrible winter times. Parkas insulate your body and are generally a warmth option for being in a length availability of thigh end or hip end. They have a lower hem that are difficult to seal as it tends to be open from one end, it gets cold air inside through the below system. This is more of a choice for all you women out there who are great in heights and have a long body line. Its worth having a Parka as it sets more efforts to your winter tripping and long journeys that engage onto icy weather.

The North Face Arctic Parkas: Specs


  • The North Face Arctic Parka is a winter trench cost that acts well on frigid days to make good move being water proof, breathable and soft to the touch surface. You can make your way wearing this on a soft snowy time that is wet enough for a normal jacket, but with Arctic Parka, you are able to walk down the streets for “When the Arctic Conditions Hits your Home”.
  • With a cozy fill down inside of 550 fill insulation from The North Face down fill standard you are absolutely doing no harm to the natural furs but it is something worth that you have in your Arctic Parkas. This Down Fill for your Parkas provides a more steadfast furnace like favor to the extreme winter conditions. Its simply made for your Urban-Winter Survival.
  • You get an adjustable hood, which is a mere protection over the unexpected winds. The fur on the sides gives a cozy look making it more in style and comfort. At times like sunny and pleasant days, you are free to unlock the hood and role it down for minimal design to make a productive look.
  • You get an internal pocket that helps in keep you the other essentials secure with the secure zips. Also not to forget the cord guide that lets you explore contended all your trips with your best playlists.

 Product Technical Specs: Pros

  • Material: Membrane type HyVent 2L
  • Lining: 52% polyester 35% cotton 13% Nylon
  • Fully Taped Seams
  • Thigh Length with a Regular Fit
  • Removable cum Adjustable Hood
  • 2 Zippered Hand Pockets, 1 Zippered Media for cord.
  • Faux Fur over Hood, and snug type jacket
  • Insulation of 550 Fill down
  • Lifetime Manufacturer warranty with additional durability and performance integrated design
  • True To Size Fit
  • Front one way zip with functional snaps
  • Stretch mittens integrated with cuffs
  • Quilted lining
  • Elastic covering at the waist side panel
  • Embroidered logo at left sleeve hem and upper right back
  • Ideal as a casual winter wear, recreational outdoors, & extreme cold weather expeditions
  • Colors to flaunt with your Parka: Juniper Teal, TNF Black, Vaporous Grey, Urban Navy Heather, Rosin Green Heather, TNF Medium Grey, Deep Garnet Red Heather.

You might want to recheck with the Cons for more specifications


  • The Arctic Parka is more of long Parka styled Jacket which has a fastener with zip accommodate, these are more of an urban-winter experience and are not ideal for a hiking or mountaineering trip. You need to go with a more open one which fits to you hip and allows you to climb and do stuffs like that.
  • While selecting on to the Size, don’t forget to make a cross check with the credentials from the size chart which can give you an ideal select value with the clothing options you can draw up with. For a standard true to size Parka, it is reviewed as perfect fit with just a sweat shirt inside giving a good normal tight fit rather than a marshmallow look. Also it can be a little bigger at the waist;, also at some pace you wont find any proper shape at a point for some body line, you can make a cross check with the items size chart.
  • The inner lining of the coat/jacket/parka and the hood has a birch tree – which can be less satisfying for some of you.
  • Make it a delicate wash or dry clean with the Arctic Parkas.

Overall – Your Buy is worth it.


The Frigid weather and the awful Urban-Winters are just a matter of thought when you have the highly insulated down fill of the Arctic Parkas from the North Face Women’s Jacket Collection. Its more of best in performance and less with some concerns that can affect. It creates a resilient barrier against winter storms of snow. And has an adjustable customizable hood options with faux fir attached within that makes it good looking and has a next to skin comfort with ease of dress.


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