North Face Women's Jacket

The North Face FuseForm Cesium Anorak Jacket For Women’s Review

The North Face’s lightweight collection for Women has been more inclined towards a minimalist design and more over protection. The FuseForm Cesium anorak Jacket has been arresting with a technical durability that forms as a multi-sport Rain Jacket for Women.

What comes with The North Face FuseForm Jacket?

FuseForm technology takes in a weaving process that blends thicker threads with the lighter ones, which result into a clean and sleek look for clothing with a minimized weight. Your North Face Jacket gets a custom mapped performance that effort in more of style and durability concerns with a good breathability.

Features: The North Face Women’s FuseForm Cesium Anorak Jacket

Targeting more on durability and breathability, the Cesium Anorak Jacket comes with a revolutionary weaving process that makes it as an impermeable weather shedder with a light weight characteristic. It is one of the best innovation breakthroughs of North Face with the FuseForm technology that stands out effectively in style.

Fabric Matter:

The FuseForm Cesium Anorak Jacket abides a transitional weave pattern from ripstop to plain weave to give a more substantial efficiency. The ripstop pattern is engineered for nylon to make it resistant to tearing and ripping. The Nylon Fabric provides a waterproof construction with fewer seams sealed as DryVent 2.5L shell.


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Fit wise:

  • Regular Fit Sizes Available: S M L
  • Sets on Hip Length
  • Has an alpine fit with a center back length of 26’’

Jacket specs:

  • Waterproofing breathable Fabric
  • Fully Adjustable Hood that is helmet friendly with cord lock specialization.
  • Front Half Zip with molded tooth
  • Hand pocket Zipped with a secure zip
  • Wrist cuffs that are elastic bounded
  • Colors available: Laurel Wreath Green Fuse, Patriot Blue Fuse, TNF Black Fuse, Radiant Orange
  • Wicks away Moisture, the Jacket has a permeable material that can pull of moisture from the body to the exterior shirt from where it can evaporate more easily.
  • Seam Sealing Tape for the Fabric makes it highly water resistant.

Why it’s worth it? Pros

 FuseForm Technology gives a complete durability feature with less weight and a breathable membrane.

  • You get a seamless seam with the highly resistant layer for the Jacket.
  • It makes you all time ready as a casual wear for Hiking and Camping, and don’t forget to get with the add-on feature ‘Style’.
  • You get a 1 hand pocket which is secured enough to make it worriless-productive.
  • Helmet typed Hood which is compatible and adjustable.
  • You get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer’s side apart from the materials endless durability.
  • It has a regular fit with hip length construction and arm lengths going top right with elastic cuffs and hems.

Recheck on the Cons for efficient Buying!!

  •  For some of you might love the look that it persists from the front portion, but regular fit might not be suitable enough due to the half Zip feature.
  • Minimal Pocket availability, making it less efficient. It is durable enough but when you’re considering it for a multi-day hike you might miss the second pocket option.

The North Face Women’s Cesium Anorak Jacket inheres an all ready performance for a multi day hike as it is durable and strong enough to bare all the unfavorable weather wherever you go. The Fabric is breathable, and keeps you dry enough to beat all the weather conditions. Also it contours according to the Women fit Body line to make it comfortable and alluring.

Size up with the Alpine Regular fits with the finest colors to choose from. The vibrant orange adds on to the growing trend as it sets more of a captivating look. Or simply choose to make a safe side with charming colors like Laurel Wreath Green Fuse. Choose to make your excursions and outdoor hauls more worth it with these standard jacket collections adhering new technologies from The North Face.

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