The North Face Denali Jacket Women’s Review

The North Face Denali Jacket Women’s

Winters… being the most fascinating time of the year, ou can find yourself tripping somewhere or simply make a nature’s connect with amazing camping nights. If you love connecting to the Huge Mountains and are just making a stupendous visit to one such, or you’re a traveler more frequent, you know the reason why fleece are the most extreme utility during the time.

Here’s Fresh air over the peak, and an incredible mountain effect all around, sometimes it humid enough, and youre just wanting to breath out as much as you can, and at a time youre still wondering about how cold adventures turn out to be. If youre not dressed well, there are chances to get you in trouble, because its time to withstand a good cold and bad weather unfortunate thing, layering yourself into quick essentials is necessary.

Youre doing it right, when you know your well contended with a right jacket and coat at the right time. We have been in a race to get with you over our top Winter Amenities, and Stopping here by, Its time for some Heavy Weighed Denali’s!!

The North Face Extreme Women’s- Denali Jackets

A classic heavy Weight Collection from the North Face Extreme Winter Wear Collection, this fleece jacket will soon be a must have’s and can become one to own for is outstanding performance and durability. Its amazing because of yet another environment friendly aspect of using Polartec 300 series fleece using a derived material call REPREVE fibers. Youre soon going to be loving the reason to buy this ultimate jacket.

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The North Face Denali Jacket has arrived with a lot of incredible features to please anyone looking for a warm fleece thats unique and one of a kind to get in to the wardrobe. This jacket consists of two hand warmer pockets along with two chest pockets, and a zip cord hem and also elastic-bound cuffs to trap in body heat. And the feature doesnt just end here…

Read on to know the amazing extremities of the Ultimate Heavy Weight Fleece Jacket. A full zip is designed that lets you open the cardigan(a knitted jumper fastening down the front) and get a cool waves of air once you have felt a sweat, while a well-placed chest pocket is a great place to put your keys, coins and snacks.

The Denali Jacket – How awesome are Fleece?

A warm, quick drying winter essential that can be a fast option to get rid of that tense cold winter. Usually, it stands as the best option to get with a fleece, with amazing fasteners like the zippers, or some of us woulf be more forward to velcros, or button types. It makes out a good recreational use for outdoors with casual walk arounds or daily travelling, or simply a warmer so gentle for your indoors.

The most inportant aspects are that hese can be managed really well with a simple machine wash, or can literally stand as the best resource to carry every where. They are stylish and available with essential colors to suit every hikers, backpackers, and multiday camping essential trippers.

With the North Face Denali Jacket, its the most amazing heavy weighted fleece to withstand heavy winter weathers for unfavorable conditions. They are fleece, and so they’ll be coming handy, and they are heavy weighed, its more essential for a winter time excursion.

The Denali’s Fabric Specific

  • Repreve Fibers – The Recycled Touch

The North Face Denali Jackets has become environment friendly with the Polartec 300 Series Fleece using the Repreve fibers that are really a gift for the Mother Nature. THese have a 2 ply laundered nylon which tends to be really working effectively with respect to climate concerned ability. The Repreve’s are recycled substance fibers that are designed from recycled bottles and other specific wastes from landfills and un wanted resources in general. So whenever youre onto finishing any plastic bottle, make them dropped in for a recycling section. So that its can be a essential for some one to have a Denali Jacket.

Features of Denali Jacket

  • left sleeve contains TNF woven label
  • Snap hand pockets
  • Centre front zip with snap button flap
  • Inside there is Denali Celebration label
  • Zip chest pocket

More Features

  • Iconic jacket is constructed of recycled fleece
  • Relaxed fit to body
  • Abrasion-reinforced shoulders, chest and forearms
  • Zip hand pockets and covered chest pocket
  • Media compatible
  • Stretch cuffs is there which adds mobility and comfort
  • Zip in-compatible
  • Hem cinch-cord
  • It consists of at least 50% recycled content by weight

Product Specifications

  • Average Weight is 580 g (20.46 oz)
  • Center Back is of 25.5″
  • Solid Polartech 300 Series—100% recycled polyester classic fleece with durable water-repellent (DWR) finish
  • Heather Polartech 300 Series—65% recycled polyester, 35% polyester classic fleece with DWR finish
  • Overlay Solid 70D x 160D 118 g/m² 100% nylon
  • Overlay Heather is 70D x 260D 125 g/m² 62% nylon, 38% polyester
  • Overlay D-Kat Print 50D 80 g/m² 100% polyester
  • Overlay Swashed Print 30D 46 g/m² 100% nylon
  • Source is Imported
  • Guarantee is of Lifetime Warranty
  • Machine Wash is preferable


  • Zip/Snap-in Compatible
  • It Pairs with enhancing garments for layering.
  •  Stretchable
  • This feature contains material with stretch that permits for greater range of dynamic.
  • Recycled Content
  •  It Helps to reduce the landfill waste and the use of virgin materials.

Here are some Pros and Cons of Denali  jacket

If you are not aware with carrying a heavier jacket, then it’s a great layer to bring along during the coldest parts of the year while hiking or rock climbing. The elastic cuffs and drawstring hem are great supporting features that evacuate the cool air and provides in the heat. If you are looking for an extremely warm, thick, and heavy jacket, don’t choose this one.


The North Face Denali Jacket is damn comfortable to wear as an outer side layer around town or sitting around a campfire. When we used it to hike, climb, or do anything active, the comfort level dropped very dramatically.

This jacket is warm but the thick 300 weight material is not very breathable. This jacket has pit-zipper vents so that we can try to control the airflow in and out a little bit better, but the scraping-reinforced shoulders and elbows nullifies  that advantage as they impeded airflow and breathability as well.

Layering Ability

The North Face Denali Jacket is section of their layering system. It also has cuff snaps to keep the jacket in place when layering with one of their suited outer shells. If layered with a thin outer shell, this fleece jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm during a strong wind or rain storm.

Ease of Movement

The jacket is a slight tight and restrictive in the shoulders and upper arms , and loose and baggy down around the body. Overall this jacket is just not well suited to being active in.

Wind Protection & Water Resistance

This is the thickest, heaviest jacket .if we talk about the rain, it soaks it in but it takes some time for the water penetrates through to your skin. If you got wet , then this heavy jacket  takes a long time to dry out

This heavy weight jacket has negligible weight. This is not the best jacket for carrying to a long distance.

Best Applications

Due to its box type cut and thickness, this style-ful fleece is best useable around town or camp. It’s also useful for days out in the boulders or a shorter approach crag. The only disadvantage is that, High heart rate activities are not preferable for this jacket


Hence in the last we conclude that The North Face Denali Jacket is the warmest and thickest jacket. The best thing is that this fleece is very stylish as well as fashionable, and we even appreciated while wearing it to an outdoor activity. It isn’t the most breathable for high play activities.


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